Psychic Readings

More than just a psychic reading! Dana will tune in to your energy, will pass on messages from the Spirit world and insight that are given for you. It might include love, money, relationships, work, or even family. Readings are available in-person, Worldwide via Skype, or phone.

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Past-Life Regression & Hypnosis

Past-Life Regression therapy is incredibly effective at clearing frustrating, longstanding issues. It might include a visit to a past-life, between lives, or a current life memory. You might even meet up with a passed over loved one, your soul mate or spirit guide. Introduction session are discounted, try it out!

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Energy Healings

Dana will tune in to your energy to establish any specific interruptions within your auric field and will work with your guides and spirits to bring misaligned energies into harmony.

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Meditation & Movement Therapy

Dana Parker has spent a lifetime dancing and moving in a variety of forms. She has put together a new therapy that encompasses all that she learnt, called The Butterfly Technique!

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Melbourne’s Psychic Expos

Dana is a regular reader at Melbourne’s Psychic Expos. Spots are limited, so please make a booking and pay before the day! Readings are offered at discounted rates at Expos – $50 for 25 mins

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"My mind was blown and I have so much piece of mind now. You have such a special, beautiful gift, and you've really eased my mind with a lot of things."

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"Thank you so much for your reading. I walked away with a basket of useful tools, information, and just all over felt ‘yeah that was good. That was what I needed’, and told my friends you were one of the best I had seen if not the best. (and I’ve seen/done a fair bit)."

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"The experience of regression truly amazed me. You tapped into my headspace, helping me understand what and why this is happening to me. I feel more empowered and positive about how I can help myself. I definitely want to do it again, you've given me a better hope for the future."

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